Monday, May 2, 2016

new books and accessories

Howdy Y'all.

So today I want to show off some new books that we got in the shop.  There are three of them.  All by  Rebecca Danger of Danger Crafts.  And all focused on knit animals (Anigurumi).  My confused brain calls it yarn origami. They are going fast so if you want them come grab them now.

 These are the new thing in the shop.  Laura has made two from the monster book for her grandsons, and Chris is working on a Lalylala crocheted doll.  So fun and so soft...think cuddling with alpaca yarn-y goodness.

To go along with these cute creations we have ordered in the Safety eyes that go with the book patterns.  Safety eyes give a similar affect as Buttons but are installed in a more permanent method to make them "safer" for children...The warning is these are still too little for under 3 years of age.
safety eyes are installed by inserting the eye post through the desired spot and pushing the washer tightly onto the back.  I suggest doing this after head is made but before stuffing.   Play around with placement before you put the washer on cause the only way to undo that is break the eye post itself.
We currently have size 14mm black eyes (which is what the books call for) but we can get other sizes and colors in if you want.
These animals and monsters are quick and addicting to make up.  Here is Laura's finished "Sweaty".  And I'll post my finished Lalylala when its will also be in the shop as a display.

Happy creating y'all!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fiber Friday

Hi there....Welcome to Fiber Friday, your weekly dose of fiber  (fiber arts to soothe the soul).

So this week I'm talking to all the crocheters or wanna learn crocheters out there.

Sometimes when I crochet my fingers cramp up from holding the tiny hook.  I call it Pinky Strangulation Syndrome (PSS).  Because that is how it feels, like my pinky is being strangled.   Well I found a fun and simple solution the PSS problem.

Polymer Clay handles on your crochet hook!!
Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Grab your metal hook (we have HiyaHiya at the store $3 and they are awesome) and some polymer clay.  I used Sculpey from Joann's (I think it was $3 a block).  It comes in tons of colors so make these your style. I got three blocks and covered 10 hooks, but how much will depend on your preferred thickness and hook coverage.

Open the Clay and knead it.  It's kinda tough to start with but softens right up.  This is where you can twist and combine colors if you want.  Or keep it solid.  Remember this is your style.

Once your clay has a look you like, roll it into a long cylinder (think long tootsie roll)  I then cut my roll to a length I wanted to cover my hook with.  Then slowly twist and wiggle your hooks Handle end into the roll.  My clay stretched a little while pushing but I just kept re-squishing to the shape I liked.

Once your hook is inserted to your desired coverage (I covered all the way past the thumb hold.)  Squish the end closed by the thumb hold and flatten the other end so you can write your hook size on it after.  Once happy with your handle...squish, mold, roll until it feels comfortable, bake your hook and handle following the clay package instructions.  Mine took 15 minutes.  

Let the clay cool and then write the hook size on the flat end with a sharpie.

And there you have a it!!  A personalized, anti-Pinky Strangulation crochet hook.
Happy hooks and hands!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello from 2016

Wooh!!  Sorry for the absence.  Life got a little crazy for a while...actually it's still crazy for Kamille so Chriss is taking over the blogging responsibilities.

Mother's day is fast approaching and there really is no one more deserving of a special treat than a mom.  So here is the perfect gift.

A Ghana Basket bought in the store and then filled with all sorts of yarn-y goodness.
These baskets are made out of elephant grass by ladies in Ghana and FAIRLY traded.  By making and selling these baskets these women are able to provide for their families without turning to more "dangerous" work.  It takes up to 40 hours to weave one basket.

We have three sizes of baskets.
Large $49.99
small $22.99

They sell fast and our shipment came in this week so come by the shop soon to grab your gift for your momma.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Falling in LOVE with Socks!!

This last week we have been falling in LOVE with Socks!
We love knitting socks at Kamille's, from regular socks to Christmas socks!

We LOVE this sock pattern and its made using fingering weight yarn! They would be so cool out of some of our Zauberball yarn!

LOVE these socks for their amazing color work. We think they would be gorgeous out of our Simplicity yarn!

And we LOVE these socks because they are made with chunky weight yarn and they would be AMAZING out of our Baby Alpaca Grande!

If you would like any of these pattern and the yarn just give the shop a call and we would be happy to ship to you!

This last weekend was Witches Night Out weekend! We had blast at the yarn shop, at our Be-Witched Bootique and doing Glitter Eyes!
If you missed this Witches Night Out don't worry! The second and last Witches Night Out of the season will be October 23rd and 24th!!!
For more information about Witchfest click here

Hope to see you soon!
Your Friend

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