Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy memorial Day

Let the Summer fun begin.  Why let the kids be the only ones to go to summer camp.  Come sign up for a knitting or crochet class and get a $15 gift card to use towards supplies!!  Knitting, learn something new, take a break from the usual routine.  It's a win win all the way!!!

Thank you to all the troops, police and first responders out there.  This scarf and hat would be super awesome knitted up in Remix --which is partly linen-- so perfect for summer.   Think how cool you will look on 4th of July with your own stars and stripes scarf and hat!!!.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shop tour continues

Today on the tour around the shop we will do a 180 degree turn from the cashmere wall to discuss ESPRESSO.

Espresso Yarn is made by Borroco and is a cotton and acrylic blend.  It has a fairly loose twist to it so it's light and airy...perfect for a summer scarf or shawl.
We have 6 color mixes in it and it's $22 a skein. Laura has made this oh so cute bag as a sample out of it

Remember our Memorial day sale is this weekend so come pick up 3 skiens and get 1 free!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Memorial day Celebration

This weekend the Entire Gardner Village is getting into the summer groove with a BIG sale. Each shop will have their own sale going...ours is
BUY 3 YARNS GET 1 FREE!!!  super amazing.  think of the jump start on Christmas projects!!!   Or be selfish and grab some Espresso yarn and make yourself a CUTE shawl!!! (that's what I am going to do)  

SO remember  Buy 3 yarn skeins and get 1 free....we are open from 10-8 Friday and Saturday and then 10-6 on Monday.


Monday, May 16, 2016

On the go

So I am gadget girl...yarn is fine, patterns are good, but if it's a knitting gadget it's a must have in my crafty world.  Today let's discuss carrying vessels.
First up is the AWESOME Ghana Baskets.  these things are the best.  Fun colors, three different sizes, and they support a good cause.  They are made of elephant grass in Ghana by the women as a way to keep them out of more dangerous professions.  They are fairly traded.  We have a Large, which is really big,  Medium which is perfect for project toting, and Small which is good for smaller projects or a gadget catch all.  They are very sturdy and hold up well, plus they can be wet and reshaped if they get smashed or lop sided.

Next we have NEW project bags.  These are zip top, wide opening, see through bottom bags.  They are made locally JUST FOR US!!!!  There are three sizes of these too.  The large is great for larger yarn balls or even small projects.  The medium is a good fit for DK or lighter weight yarn balls and all the project extras to be toted around.  The small is a good small tool, stitch marker collect all size.  They are made of quilters cotton in cute colors with a sturdy vinyl see-through bottom so you can find the littlest of treasures in your project bag.  The one pictured below is the Medium size.

Come on in and grab a new and extra FUN way to carry your project around with you.
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