Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh Balls

We all know sit and knit can get a little crazy....rarely do we get by without talking about some male body part at least once.... 

Well this week was no different! 

Laura said we could knit these ball sacks for Fathers Day and call them "knotty knitter nut huggers." Lol!!!!!
Is she Really knitting a ball sac?! No!! (Our mind is just usually in the gutter....;)

But she is making this darling elephant!! Want the pattern? Come in the shop and buy your cute pattern

Hope you are good. 

- Your Friend Kamille 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back on the Grid

Hi My Friend!  It's been forever it seems....

We have been riding the crazy train for sure.  Clint's chemo doctor said the cancer is growing despite the chemo trial and he was no longer eligible to take the drug.  As well as telling us he has approximately 6-12 months left to live. 

 When we saw his regular doctor a week later I asked why would the chemo work the first two months and not the last two months.  He then said that the cancer is smart - similar to a virus with an anti-biotic, and became resistant to the drug.  He said there's a couple other chemo pills that could do similar things but when they became resistant we would switch to the next one, thus hopefully giving him more months to live...

Depressed, defeated, and hopeless we have worked our way back to being in an okay place. (maybe it has something to do with my brother and sister in law taking us on a spur of the moment surprise trip to Kauai Hawaii....;)

We surfed (I broke 2 toes- but I'm ok), zip lined, hiked, jumped into natural springs, kayaked, and ate a TON of amazingly delicious stuff.  It was such an amazing gift and we will cherish those memories in our hearts forever.

He has tests again today and results Wednesday.   But we are committed to living one day at a time and making each day we have together be filled with as much joy, fun, and memories as possible.  We received a really neat letter in the mail and you can read about it on Clint's blog.  If you are on Facebook I have posted a lot more details of the past whirl wind if you are interested and you can read it on his Facebook page

On to a MUCH LIGHTER note!  I'm super excited for our Knit Sew Create coming up

Have you wanted to perfect or learn how to do

  • I-cord cast on
  • I-cord
  • half- linen stitch
  • increases
  • decreases
  • buttonhole
  • cable cast on
  • bind off

Then don't miss this fun technique class!  I just received the picture and I love it! I think done in a solid too would be great...... maybe a chocolate or turquoise!

I've started working on the Chevron Bag and let me just say....


 Here's the bottom of my bag as I was knitting along

 I'm making it out of the AMAZING and luscious Kenzie yarn

I hope you can come to the event it will be FUN!  I hope you have a fun week and I will talk to you soon.

-Your Friend Kamille

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Knit Sew Create

Hi my Friend. I'm blogging from my phone as we are driving to Las Vegas for Halloween Market. (Yes Halloween!)

We are ordering for our seasonal Halloween store The Bewitched Bootique.

I'm excited I have time to knit while we drive there.  I've been working on one of our projects at this springs Knit Sew Create Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th.

What are the projects?! Get ready to freak out....

 This darling shawl

Here's my Neiska wearing it!

These darling slippers- you can either make them into bunny slippers for a child or leave off the ears and make the adult size or make yourself some adult bunny ones (hey we won't judge;)

And this flippin cute Chevron Bag!!! I seriously love it!!!

We will also be having a fun technique workshop featuring a funky cuff bracelet. 

  This is a great project for variegated, short self striping yarns or a special handspun that teaches techniques at the same time.   

What you will learn: 
  • I-cord cast on
  • I-cord
  • half- linen stitch
  • increases
  • decreases
  • buttonhole
  • cable cast on
  • bind off

So Don't forget to mark your calendars for our third Knit Sew Create April 25 and April 26

There will also be workshops at Pine Needles and The Bead Farm I will post those soon too. Get ready to grab your friends for a fun filled weekend of knitting, beading, or sewing.

Have a good Monday and I'll talk to you soon!

-Your Friend Kamille

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New friends

Hi there!

We have some new friends at the shop you need to come and meet! Want the pattern and yarn?! We have got both.

Hope you are good. We got super poopy results from Clint's tests last week and I just haven't had it in me to write and tell you... But please keep the prayers coming I will update you as soon as I can pull myself together enough.

In the meantime take a trip down to this cute little yarn store and buy a fun project- 

Love ya- your friend Kamille
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