Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Get Ready to Party!

Hi my long lost friend! I can't believe summer is almost over.  Thank you for being patient and not sending me irritated emails about not blogging.  I'm working at the shop tomorrow if you are in town I would love to see you

Have you been to our Beach Party before?!  Well it's coming up THIS saturday and it will be INSANE fun..... Their will be crazy sales at the shop and all around the village.  As well as island dance shows and entertainment for the whole family.  

We are doing a FREE sit and knit... Bring a camp chair and get ready to get laid....;) you don't want to miss this night

-Your Friend Kamille

Friday, July 18, 2014

Yarn Bombed

Hi there my long lost friend.....I'm so sorry for being a super sucky blogger life has been crazy.  To make it up to you I thought I would post about all the 

NEW INSANELY AWESOME YARN that we got bombed with yesterday!!

Seriously put on your panty liners cause I'm warning you now YOU WILL FREAK

Say hello to my new felting friend!!! Have an amazing felting project and need the perfect yarn?! Look no further

This is only a small picture of some of the colors, but there's lots of colors.  You can not just felt with it too! It's a great staple wool yarn....blankets, sweaters, you name it!

Remember our succulent Gina yarn?  Well get ready to meet her big sister! 

she's large and in charge and full of amazing colors for your thicker projects.  

Big.....NOW WE'RE TALKING BIG! Get ready to meet the super chunky sister to our yarn from heaven Baby Alpaca Grande

too many divine colors to show

Get ready to cherish this new yarn!  It's the perfect balance of 50% alpaca and 50% acrylic and ideal DK yarn for any project on your list

and don't even get me started on the colors.....

We received some amazing hand-dyed and self striping yarns too

Come in and fondle our balls!.....;) We will be having a YARN BOMBING sit and knit this saturday all day and it's FREE.  Come into the shop check out our succulent balls and be ready to work in our air conditioned haven on your projects!

We hope to see you! If you are from out of town and want more colors and pricing info for shipments email us at and we will send you the info.

-Your Friend Kamille

Want an update on my Dream Boat? You can see his Facebook page HERE

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mark Your Calendars

Hi My Friend!

Disney World was awesome

 and exhausting! I've had a Disney World hangover and been a bump on a log since we got back.  Sorry for not blogging! 

How have you been? I hope you are good.  If you are in town you MUST mark your calendars for this fun event

Saturday June 14th, 2014
Saturday June 14th We are CELEBRATING World Wide Knit in Public Day with some fun Classes

We will be teaching this adorable elephant! We love these patterns and want to share it with everyone!
 Cost is $15 plus supplies and pattern
11am to 3pm

If knitting an elephant isn't your thing you can knit these Solefully Fantastic Socks!
You knit the Sole first!
Cost is $15 plus supplies and pattern
1pm to 3pm
 Or you can knit this amazing socks instead.....
Cost is $15 plus supplies
1pm to 3pm

 Give the Shop a call to reserve your spot and to pay for your class!! 801-282-0477!!
(Make sure you bring your camp chair, we will be having classes outside on our porch!)
*Must have basic knitting skills to participate in these classes*

I love those projects! So excited

Have a great start to your week

-Your Friend Kamille

Monday, May 12, 2014

Knock your Socks Off

Hi My Friend! Did you have a good Mother's Day? I had an amazing one!  The kids made me waffles and eggs all by their selves and I got homemade cards, poems, and homemade flowers.  I'm so deeply grateful for the honor of being a mother.  

Clint and I bounced around for weeks about what to get my Mom and finally we settled on a new tree!  So here we are on a hot date tree shopping in the rain.  

Well at the shop it rained some serious sock yarn

Emily my Mom and I almost had a heart attack unpacking it all.  (*You may want to go pee before scrolling down to look at some of the photos)

And that isn't ALL of the sock yarn!

We have so many fun new books and magazines too!  If you are in town come and stop by the shop and see all the moving, shaking, and new stuff we have. YOU WILL Freak out

Clint, the kids,  and I are getting ready to go to Disney World on Wednesday!  His parents told us last November they were taking us and the kids have been counting down.  We are SO EXCITED! I have never been before and am looking forward to some great memories for our little family.  I will keep you posted with pictures.  

How's Clint? I updated his blog a little yesterday click HERE to check it out.

Have a good week and I will talk to you when we get back from Mickey Town.....;)

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